Fluenz Mandarin 1

Fluenz Mandarin

Fluenz Mandarin 1

Cookie-cutter approaches based on matching pictures and words follow the same script from language to language. But using the same script to teach both Mandarin and Spanish doesn't make sense. Each language is unique, and each one presents its own unique challenges to an English speaker. For example, it is impossible to understand the tone system of pronunciation, "measure words", or rules regarding word order that are unique to Mandarin without a brief yet effective explanation in English.

With Fluenz Mandarin 1+2+3, you'll start out by building a strong foundation in how the language works from pronunciation to grammatical structures. Right away, you'll learn how to form useful questions and statements ("The check, please"), and from there you'll begin to construct more complex sentences allowing you to interact at restaurants, hotels, airports, train stations, and other essential locations. The third level of the program takes your Mandarin to a whole new level, enhancing the complexity and subtlety of your speech with in-depth work on tenses, conditionals, comparatives, and more formal structures. The step-by-step Fluenz system has been designed to move you beyond canned phrases to being able to participate in natural, unrehearsed conversation.

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Fluenz Mandarin

Immersive one-on-one tutorial
Immediately after the conversation, the tutor presents a full tutorial explaining in detail and in English how every single new word and structure works. Beyond in-depth explanations, these tutorials offer strategies, tactics and personal experiences that give you valuable insights.

Workout to fluency
After each tutorial, the program turns to over a dozen different types of increasingly challenging workouts that cover reading, writing, speaking, and listening. These workouts reinforce and expand your communication at the same time. The recording engine allows learners to work on improving their tones and their overall accent.

Coaching you forward
At the end of the session, the Fluenz Mandarin tutor returns to offer a conclusion, along with the kind of inspiration only a great teacher can provide.

Ideal for Communicating Wherever People Speak Mandarin
While Mandarin is an ancient and beautiful language, it is also the means of daily communication for over a billion people. Fluenz Mandarin has been designed to strike the right balance between its legacy and its dynamic nature, providing a firm basis for travel, living, and further study in China and Taiwan, and to communicate with the ever-larger number of Mandarin speakers in Macau, Hong Kong, and communities from New York to Singapore.

Fluenz Chinese

Easily Handle Numbers and Time
After thorough workouts enabling learners to talk about location with ease, Fluenz makes sure you master numbers and, therefore, time. From counting to telling the time, Fluenz Mandarin users gain control over a wide range of time-specific communication. Once time and location are joined, it becomes possible to form complex questions and statements in a variety of situations, such as planning trips or making appointments.

Fluenz MandarinConfident Shopping and Negotiation
Throughout the program, your ability to interact in shopping situations is steadily improved. Fluenz Mandarin 1 works on the critical verb "to want" in the very beginning, and soon enough you learn how to ask about prices, make comparisons between different items, and express exactly what you're looking for. By the end of the program, you'll be able to handle shopping, ever important price negotiations in markets and shops all over China, and other purchasing situations with ease.

Make Plans with Conditions and Possibilities
Fluenz gives you the tools to make detailed plans, whether a lunch date with a friend, a business meeting, or travel abroad, using the nuanced tenses that allow you to express condition and possibility.

A Winning Team
Sonia Gil's experiences learning Mandarin in China and Yi Wei's native mastery of the language provide the ideal tutoring experience for English speakers.

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